We pickup kids & drop off at our school,
kids do homework, eat a snack, & do
karate. Free van service offered.
Offers lots of activities allowing kids to have
lots of fun, learn, do karate and get treats
during their summer break from school.
All cardio students get a physical & intense workout, to get in shape, & feel energized.
Cardio is scheduled 3 days a week.
We offer adult and kid karate classes.
Our karate classes teach students how to
defend themselves against an attacker.
Our running club is designed for a beginner, intermediate, & advanced runners. Runners improve endurance, speed, & weight loss.
Our sparring team attends local & out-of-state tournaments. Team members get intense
training to compete against other martial artist.
Offers an advanced & intense karate training,
allow students to improve their skills &
spar other students. Supervised by instructors.
Offered for little kids at 4 - 6 years old only.
Teach little kids basic karate for protection.
All kids learn respect & discipline.
Offer individuals who want the
one-on-one training, & who need
the extra time with a qualified instructor.
Offer intense training for women only.
Teach females Kenpo Karate to protect
themselves and get away from the attacker.
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karate training by donating!
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 Class or Program
Rent our school and floor
space for a special occasion!
 Parties / Holidays
 Karate Events
 Graduations, etc.
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